Since 1985, U.S.A. Drives, Inc. has designed, manufactured, and sold precision urethane belting and molded products. We are the leader in the industry with respect to quality, lead time, and innovation.

We serve a global marketplace from our primary office and manufacturing facility located in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Our success is a direct result of our family of highly motivated employees, ranging from engineering and manufacturing, to customer service and sales.  Our "team" approach makes the difference when successful solutions and timely responses are needed.

We welcome the opportunity to become a contributor to the growth of your business, and we invite you to take advantage of the unique products and services we offer. Feel free to use the "Request a Quote" section of this website to tell us how we can create the right product for you.

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Molded Products

U.S.A. Drives comprehensive manufacturing facilities feature specialized molding capabilities developed to provide our industry with the very best in urethane products. Products that combine the advantages of rigid materials with the flexibility of rubber in a variety of applications. The unique properties of our urethanes can be molded into many intricate shapes and sizes.